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You will wonder who the hell is Agustina Tenenbaum

Let me tell you that not even I know who I am, that from this and from this trip that we will undertake together I will know who I am, I am looking for that, so that every time they ask me  who I am I know that hell answer, I know it's not an easy task, but I promise myself and you to be able to answer this.

But what I do know that I am is a girl who seeks to find her way, wanting to live life and bump into eighty walls in order to achieve my goal.

"Look closely atpresentwhat are you

building because it should look like

to thefuturethe one you dream of"

Alice Walker 


A little bit about me

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My book

During the year 2022 I went through many changes, I challenged myself day by day, far from my native country I got to know another culture, another way of living but mainly I discovered what was happening inside me. That's how I connected with him.power of writingas therapy.

Thanks to allowing me to connect from a completely different perspective, today I can share my first book with you ♥

Who were part of the project

anella saporiti


Where to start… I met Agus in my third year of college. I'm not going to lie to you but it took us a while to become friends, at least one semester. But due to life's coincidences and bad work teams, we began to work together and become friends little by little. Thanks to that, I gained a beautiful friend and a colleague for our future projects.
We both left our country of origin, accompanying each other from a distance, she in Israel and I in Australia, we never stopped being friends and we never stopped working as a team.
When she told me that she was starting to write about her new stage, I wanted to be the first to be able to read it. The common situations and the new cycles that we share from a distance were and are incredible. After its first chapters, he told me that he wanted to transform it into a book and that he wanted me to be part of it by illustrating the chapters, giving each one a symbolism. Obviously, I accepted the proposal and months later, I was able to be part of this book work.

Celeste Queipo


Before beginning I would like to thank each person who gives themselves the opportunity to read a vast journey for this space.

My name is Celeste, we coincided with Agus in 2018 thanks to the fact that we made the decision to undertake a project that taught us a lot. I am not lying if I tell you that I did not know Agus but I did not hesitate to form a team with her simply because of her energy and commitment.

Five years later, we each find ourselves in a different part of the planet, with our lifestyles and always agreeing on something: generating the best human experience in ourselves.

Finally, something that this friendship taught me is to understand how to surround yourself with people who add to you has a very strong effect on our being, therefore, I wish that each one can believe themselves worthy of sharing life with people like that and open up to connect._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

My services

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